Firstly, a big massive thank you from the Sanspants Crew! Without you we wouldn’t be able to talk rubbish for a living.

So what is this new site?

Sanspants Plus is our way of giving you more. Up until now we have been mainly using Patreon to provide additional content to our recurring monthly supporters but we have found that it has its drawbacks and our hacked together solution wasn’t working so well.

So we created Sanspants Plus. It works in a similar way to Patreon in that you pledge a certain amount per month and that gives you access to our additional content.

Sign in with Us

To sign up, if you haven’t before, just choose which pledge level you would like from the front page. You will then need to enter your bank details (don’t worry, this site is fully secure). These will be processed right away and then you will be asked to create a username and password.

Once you have done this you will be redirected to the subscriber home page where you will have access to all of the files. You will also be able to access the forum.

Sign in with Patreon

If you are already a Patreon subscriber (thanks!) you can select the Log In with Patreon button. This will create you an login on our siteĀ using your Patreon credentials and your existing pledge level. However, you will still need to create a new password for your Sanspants+ account.

More information on Patreon and passwords.

If you don’t know what your Sanspants+ password is you can reset it.

Over time we would like you to consider cancelling your Patreon subscription and purchasing a subscription directly through this site. This gives us more of your money which helps us make even more content we hope you will love.

RSS Feeds

The files for you to listen to are supplied in a few ways. One of the ways is through a password-protected RSS feed. This means that the shows will act just like normal podcast feeds for you. As new episodes are added they will automatically show up on your podcast player.

All you need to do is add the feed to your pod-catching device and enter the username and password you created for this site (not your Patreon login).

A list of Apps we know work with our feeds are below:

Stream Online

You can also stream the episodes online through any browser. When you select a podcast episode on the site you will see a player appear on the screen. Just hit play, listen and laugh.


We have also created a forum just for our monthly subscribers. Here you will be able to talk to other Sanspants Radio fans and even suggest possible episode topics or D&D NPC names, depending on your pledge level.


If you have any problems with this site, just contact us on